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Chihuahua hua species belong to one of the oldest and most interesting, the story of the origin of which there are many legends and disputes, and to this day. Many eminent historians have studied the origin of chi-hua-hua. A theory of their origin is so romantic and sometimes surprising, often perceived as the legends and fables ...


Thus, one of them is that Chihuahuas are the messengers of the deep sky and bound with an energy that passes through does not grow even in old dogs a hole in the skull - Fontanelle (Mahler), which is the hallmark of the breed, and is unique to Chihuahua.


According to another legend, equally fabulous, it is believed that the ancestors of those hua hua climb trees like monkeys in small, presumably only in this state can survive on their small size in a tough world, but the most interesting thing is that they are very well developed, long fingers, they know very well how to use and up to date.


The most popular and generally accepted theory of the origin of the Chihuahua hua connects the appearance of this breed with a history of ancient Indian tribes of the Maya, Toltecs and Aztecs.


Very little is known about the breed as the Mayan culture. There is evidence that as early as the 5 th century BC on the territory of present-day Mexico existed "Techichi" - a small long haired dog with heavy bone, and maybe dumb, that was part of the culture of the Toltecs, who came to them, perhaps even the oldest tribes of the Incas.

This, presumably, was the ancestor of the modern Chihuahua.

Techichi Toltec was depicted in etchings on the stone in Uehotsingo monastery, near the highway leading from Mexico City to Puebla. This monastery was founded by Franciscan friars in the 1530g and is built of stone slabs of the pyramid of Cholula, which is composed of the Toltec Indians of the tribe.

The drawings themselves ancestors Chihuahua Hua - Techichi were found in the Yucatan Peninsula in the ancient Indian city of Chichen Itza. These miniatures can be easily recognized modern Chihuahua. In 1850 the remains were found many of these dogs during the excavations of the settlement polblizosti Tula from modern Mexico, and the ruins of the palace of the last emperor of the Aztecs - Montezuma, near Casa Grande - Mexican province of Chi hua hua.


Other historians argue that the modern Chihuahua is the result of mixing with a small hairless dog Techichi, which appeared from the east, probably from China, through which existed at the isthmus between the two continents, was the site of the Bering Strait today.


The civilization of Indian tribes is perhaps the most mysterious in the world, and revered by their dogs play a huge role in religious and mystical life of the Indians. Toltecs were conquered by the Aztecs, and as a result of several centuries, small dog receives a reward or a toy for rich people.

Aztec nobility was obsessed with these little dogs, and even when the owner died, he would not part with it - the dog was sacrificed to the gods, burning, along with the remains of the host country, assuming that the sins of man will go to dog, who was a conductor of souls host through an underground world of the dead, illuminating the road with ruby ​​red eyes, wiping away the evil spirits and bring you back to where is eternal rest.

Aztec civilization has existed for 500 years, until such time as the Spanish conquerors led by Cortés conquered this country is not in the first 14 years.


Little is known about the Chihuahua hua 14-19 century. There are no records that these little dogs were on their way to extinction and is mainly used for human consumption as meat dish.


Chihuahua around 1800 different types on the property of the peasants who live near the ruins of the castle of the last Aztec emperor Montezuma monarch.

These dogs had a drinking fountain (Mahler) - do not place ossified in the middle of the skull, fingers are well developed, large expressive eyes, which is typical for modern Chihuahua.

Around the same time, as the dogs were found in other parts of the country, namely, on the Arizona and Texas, and they were given space characteristic of the names: ". Texas Dog", "Mexican Dog", "Arizona Dog" ,

American travelers have begun to provide these little dogs at home as souvenirs, mostly from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Hence the name of the race was fixed constant.


James Watson, famous canine, author of several publications, the organizer of dog shows of the time, was the first breeder of the famous Chi-hua-hua in the United States. In May of 1888 he wrote in his publications on the recommendation of the breed. Watson first dog was a chihuahua named Manzanmita. Over the next few years, Watson gained several chihuahua for breeding. He believed that the species can radically change not only in size and environmental specifications, and the type of coat and color.


At the end of 1800 were organized Kennel Club of America. "The Book of the American Kennel Club" in 1890. first introduced the Chihuahua breed for participation in the dog.


The first smooth coat Chihuahua hua was recorded in the AKC stud book in 1904 under the number 2291, his nickname Midzhet, H.Rayner breeder in Texas. And twenty years later for 170 dogs of this breed were included in the studbook of America, among them - 38 samples. In 1907 it opened a book in England.


The first official report of the breed appeared in the American press, in 1914, in 1923 developed the first standard for the breed and the Chihuahua Club of America was formed. In 1949 he founded the British Chihuahua Club, and the first long-haired Chihuahua has appeared in England in 1954. In the same year in England was developed in collaboration with the Americans and the standard adopted in 1954. the breed was divided into two distinct species: Chihuahua haired long haired and smooth. Up to this point, long-haired Chihuahua, hairless exhibitions were tried together, considering the two types represented by the classification.


The first official standard was adopted in 1934. a new standard was published in 1954. and the last in 1972., since the major changes that has undergone.


Spreading the breed in Europe has contributed to the famous singer Adelina Patti. In 1890, the Mexican president has given his Chihuahua, hidden in a bouquet of flowers. In Germany, this rock is formed in the hit 1965


Chi hua hua now be found in almost every country in the world, but he loved most in Latin America, United States, Canada and England. Mexicans see it as their national breed.


In our country, the first time in Chihuahua in 1959, had two long-haired dog -. And the dog from Cuba, donated by the family, NS Khrushchev. These two dogs and were also the founders of the Moscow chihuahua. In 1960. Two others were taken to Chihuahua hua Algeria in 1970 - long-haired dog from England, Mexico and then, two dogs. In these samples in the ground and made all breeding pedigree.


At the present time in connection with the importation of dogs emerged opportunities to Moscow from abroad enthusiasts of the breed was brought a lot of new dogs as a long-haired and hairless from the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Germany, France, Holland, Italy , Austria, as well as Mexico, the United States and England.