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Correction of behavior and education to the potty

Choosing a toilet-paper tray for dog

There are models of toilet-trays, specially designed for dogs of small breeds. For small and pocket dogs living in

apartments, it is advisable to use the toilet-paper tray, which teach the puppy to be immediately after purchase.
Having taught your pet to recover in the tray, you will forget about the puddles and unpleasant odors. When selecting a

toilet must consider the size of the dog, as well as her gender. For males provided a special design.
"Male" toilet consists of a tray, grill, and a special column. Tray is used to collect urine, and the lattice allows the

legs of the pet to stay clean. If desired, grate can be removed by filling the tray filling or spread out its special

hygroscopic diapers. In developing the model with the column take into account the male habit of pulling up leg when

urinating. If you buy for a "boy" dog or cat's normal tray, it is likely that your pet will urinate past.
Choosing a tray for your pet, look for compliance with the materials used in the manufacture of sanitary veterinary

medicine. Toxicity and allergenicity of plastics can be detrimental to the health of small dogs.
Even if you use a diaper and filling a toilet-cleaning tray must be not less than once a day. All plastic parts are washed

under cool running water and soap as well as the use of disinfectants to chlorine may be harmful to the health of dogs. If

the smell of urine permeated the plastic can be poured at the bottom of the hydrogen peroxide solution - after 20-30

minutes the smell will evaporate. After this treatment, the tray should be thoroughly rinsed.

Diapers for dog toilets
The range of diapers for dog toilet is very wide. We will help you understand the variety of proposals.

Sanitary napkins for a dog toilet, made of absorbant material - a real boon for owners of "indoor" dogs. The material

properties are perfectly absorb the liquid and leave the pets paws dry. Also, keep the diaper smell. If you use a diaper

does not necessarily put on the grill tray. Allergic reactions to the material removed. In the use of diapers to the toilet

more hygienic filler that many dogs simply throw right and left on the floor.
Absorbent layer of diapers for the toilet may be cellulosic or gel. Gel filler (used in diapers) are more hygroscopic and

longer holds odor.
The diapers are reusable and disposable. It is much cheaper to use reusable, since they can be washed.
A modern range of diapers for the toilet is very wide. To accustom the puppy to the tray can be used with a special eye-

diaper smell. Products with antimicrobial coating will be particularly relevant if the child is in the house. Some diapers

are even supplied with moisture indicator, prompting the owner, when the tray is necessary perestelit. Suitable for mobile

dog diaper with adhesive bottom layer, which allows you secure the product in the tray or on the floor.
From diapers to the toilet dog paws pet will always be dry, and the owners will be able to get rid of the odor in the


Tags fulfill an important social function in the animal world. To wean the dog mark, you need to know some features of its


Many people think that mark territory in an apartment or house peculiar to cats - it is not. Dogs in this case they did not

concede. And, as a rule, mark territory much more inclined to dogs of small breeds. Because of their size, they do not

perceive the whole large area flat or house as a comfortable home. A small dog considers his favorite corner of the house

or sleeping place, and the rest of the territory is perceived it as a fitting, which should mark and guard.
Dogs may mark territory, not only urine, but fecal matter.
If you live in a house some dogs, particularly same-sex, then with labels firmly established leader establishes a hierarchy

in the pack. By the way, not just the cables, but females do so. Such behavior is most clearly seen in females during

When you are in the house of another dog your pet may be anxious and likely will mark territory. But eventually he will

calm down.
In the case of cables, castration may be a way out. If you carry out the operation at a young age, the effect will be

better. But, unfortunately, even castration will not give 100% guarantee that the dog will not accept the old. It should be

understood that the labels are a powerful social control in the relationship of animals, with their help, the dominant male

establishes his right to territory, food and females.
Foster dog should be based on elementary knowledge of the psychology of animals. Let us give some advice. First, as soon as

you see, that dog is going to mark the Caco-ever subject, immediately put a stop to this attempt. Need something to

distract the animal, for example you can spray it with water, or slam his hands. Second, we must show the dog who's boss.

To do this, always and everywhere be a leader for the pet, the leader - the first walk into a room, start eating, start the

game. Suppress the periodic attempts by the animal to impose its will. We can not allow that, so that the initiator of

games for a walk or a dog house. Under no circumstances do not allow the animal to lie on your chair. In the animal world,

on a hill can lie only leader. Climbing on a chair, the dog is trying to challenge your right to lead.
Most often, following certain guidelines, you can wean your dog mark. However, in some cases, to solve the problem is

possible only with castration