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Are you a breeder?

Never buy a dog or puppy from a pet store

Shop, as a rule, does not assume any responsibility and does not provide information about the puppies. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will not buy a "pig in a poke." According to statistics, the majority of dogs in pet stores supplying the so-called dog farm, where the appalling conditions placed on the flow of dilution schenkov.Kak find a reputable breeder

One of the best ways to find a good breeder attend dog shows. At exhibitions breeders show their dogs, and there you can talk to them, ask questions about the breed and kennel. It also gives prospective buyers the opportunity to get acquainted with the behavior of dogs, and compare the various features and characteristics of the rocks. To find out where and when will be the closest exhibition visit the official website of RKF. Also, pay attention to breeders sites, where photos of breeding dogs and puppies, there you can find the contact and ask any questions.

Clubs in rocks are another good source to find a puppy. They are fairly well distributed and is in almost every city. Buying a puppy from a breed club guarantees you the quality, since membership imposes certain standards and requirements, and each club monitors its reputation.

And finally, friends and acquaintances, who can advise a good breeder.